I’m an outdoor enthusiast from Seattle, WA, and a total gear head/junkie/collector, who has always used online reviews and personal testimonies when considering which gear to pick. However, many of these reviews are written before the equipment has been seriously tested or for a different activity. I found myself wanting a place that not only has reviews about all the types of gear I use, but advice about different aspects of outdoor use; the ‘minimalist’ alpinist, advice on gear lists for each activity, and a way more fun, candid, and exciting discussion about outdoor sports…with pictures! The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to new ideas and the best gear, so you can optimize your outdoor adventures!

I am a lady climber, so I will only be able to write about my first-hand experience with the fit, style, comfort, and durability of women’s clothing items. However, I know many experienced guy-climbers who would love to give their opinions…so don’t worry guys, you will be included too! Also, my boyfriend is often the subject of my gear purchases, so I have experience searching for the best guys clothing I can find.

My main experience with all this gear comes from alpine rock climbing and glacier travel. I also like to throw in other interesting adventures from time-to-time, like backpacking across Zion National Park wilderness in the summer (can you say, “HOT!!!”) or a 5-week backpacking trip through Europe with only 5 shirts, 2 pants, and 1 pair of tennis shoes to very small regions where an average day of walking is 10-15k (with about a max. of 30km). In addition, this year I am kick-starting my repertoire by adding trad climbing, alpine ice climbing, and winter mountaineering!

I would love to hear opinions and testimony from my readers as well! If you have a particular gear item you cannot live without, feel free to share with all of us! Here, we are looking for the best of the best! Let’s get this gear community going!