Deal Grabbing

Gear, as we all know, can be very expensive. Especially when we are looking for the lightest and best around. That’s why getting the best deals can be essential for both our wallets and our racks. Over the past few years I have become a very savvy shopper when it comes to finding the best price for the best gear, and only buy full-price stuff when absolutely necessary. Here are some tips when you want to find the best deal once you find what you want:

#1: Search promo codes, coupons, or wait until you know there will be one.

-A quick google search on “promo code insert store name here” can often help you find the most current deals
-Sometimes a lower % off with free shipping is better than a bigger discount!
-Wait until a holiday when you know there will be some deals, like labor day, black friday, or end of season sales
-Check with your local climbing club (like the Mountaineers) to see if any companies give deals just to you!

#2: Find “off-the-beaten-path” or discount stores

#3: Google shopping

-Type in the name of what you want in the google shopping search engine and sift through all the pages…sometimes you get lucky!

#4: Ebay

-Seriously, some people collect way too much stuff and list it on ebay to clean out their closets without losing too much cash. I’ve found awesome, new gear for less than half the price!

#5: Craigslist

-I personally have not purchased any gear from craigslist, but I know friends who have gotten awesome ski sets or snow shoes for killer deals!

#6: REI Garage Sale

-Go to the big one and get there early. In fact, consider camping outside the door through the night…

#7: Climbing friends

-Sometimes climbing friends buy too much stuff. And sometimes they take on too many hobbies. I got a barely used trad set for 1/3 of the cost!

Have any more tips? Write a comment or email me!